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What's New in the New 2019 Mazda Model Lineup? Check It Out Here in Sarasota, FL!

Now that a whole new roster of Mazda cars and SUVs has rolled out here in our Sarasota neighborhood of southwest Florida, there's plenty to get to know. Luckily, the experts here at Ed Howard Mazda have made it easy, without the need to slog through a spec sheet. Take a look!


Our automaker's iconic, and many-a Lakewood Ranch driver's favorite, sedan and hatchback duo returns for 2019 all-new, from its powertrain and active safety features and driver aids to its leading-edge infotainment technology and more upscale character. It’s now even available with i-ACTIV® all-wheel…

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Visit Ed Howard Mazda for Maintenance and Repair Services

At Ed Howard Mazda, we work diligently to ensure exceptional customer service and reliable maintenance work to each and every Sarasota driver who comes to us. Whether you’ve purchased your vehicle with us or not, our team will work to ensure your repair or maintenance is done right, and that you are fully informed throughout the entire process.

Mazda Certified Service

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Tips for Changing a Flat Tire

Flat tires are like mid-day rain showers: they pop up out of nowhere and can ruin your day. There was a time when changing a flat tire was common knowledge, as rougher roads were prevalent and bias ply tires were not as robust. This meant flat tires occurred more often and became a part of everyday life. Nowadays, many of us would struggle to locate the jack in our car, let alone be able to change the tire. However, the process is still just as simple as it was in the good old days if not even more so. 


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At-Home Headlight Restoration Tips

Are you tired of those dim headlights on your car? Are you afraid that if you continue driving at night, you may get in an accident because you cannot see ahead of you well? Then, do something about it. Call Ed Howard Mazda to find out about your options. Before making that call, you can try one of all of these tips.

  • Buy a headlight restoration kit at your local auto supply store and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Purchase a variety of sandpaper grits and use them to polish away the yellowing, cloudiness and scratches.
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