Simple Steps for Safely Testing Your Car's Battery

Every driver should understand the basics of testing a car's battery in order to determine its ability to hold a charge. Testing your car's battery may help to prevent your battery from going dead when you least expect it! Here are some simple steps our service technicians at Ed Howard Mazda in Sarasota, FL want to share with you so you know how to safely test your car's battery.

Invest in or borrow a digital voltmeter for the most accurate reading. Wear goggles and gloves for protection and make sure the ignition and electrical system is completely turned off. Uncover both battery terminals, then attach the red/positive test lead and the black/negative lead to their corresponding terminals. A reading of 12.2 or lower signals your battery has 50% or less charging power, while anything above 12.4 on the voltmeter is good. Now you know whether you need battery recharging or replacement.

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