Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

We all know how bad the stop and go traffic in the Sarasota area can be, especially during rush hour. The last thing you want to have happen during this traffic is that you are not able to stop. When your brake system starts to go there are a number of different warnings, depending on what part of the system is giving out. If your brake pedal is a bit squishy or spongey, then you have a problem you are going to want to get fixed sooner, rather than later.

The brake pedal is supposed to be pretty stable and has a bit of pushback when you step on those pedals. If there is any kind of squishy reaction to the pedal, you are going to want to have it looked at, considering this could mean big problems for your brake system. Head on over to our service center here at Ed Howard Mazda to have it looked at and repaired if needed.

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