Flat tires are like mid-day rain showers: they pop up out of nowhere and can ruin your day. There was a time when changing a flat tire was common knowledge, as rougher roads were prevalent and bias ply tires were not as robust. This meant flat tires occurred more often and became a part of everyday life. Nowadays, many of us would struggle to locate the jack in our car, let alone be able to change the tire. However, the process is still just as simple as it was in the good old days if not even more so.

You start by removing cargo from your trunk or rear hatch area. The spare tire is most likely in the trunk under a carpeted panel, or underneath the vehicle to be winched down from the floor of the hatch. The jack should be on the side of the trunk or hatch. Once these items are located, most modern cars come with simple, easy-to-follow instructions to safely raise your car and change the flat tire. The important thing is to make sure the car is stable before starting.

After you are done changing your flat, we recommend that you bring your car to a trusted service center for a full replacement and rotation. Come to Ed Howard Mazda for all of your auto maintenance needs!



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