At-Home Headlight Restoration Tips

Are you tired of those dim headlights on your car? Are you afraid that if you continue driving at night, you may get in an accident because you cannot see ahead of you well? Then, do something about it. Call Ed Howard Mazda to find out about your options. Before making that call, you can try one of all of these tips.

  • Buy a headlight restoration kit at your local auto supply store and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Purchase a variety of sandpaper grits and use them to polish away the yellowing, cloudiness and scratches.
  • Use the DEET containing insect repellent you may already have to polish your headlights. Just saturate a cloth with the product and polish away without getting any on the paint.
  • Put some toothpaste on a wet rag and polish the yellow away.

If these tips don’t work the way you want them to, have your headlights professionally restored at our Mazda service center.

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