In-car entertainment systems have evolved in the past five years. Cars now have everything you'd expect from a 2018 vehicle in the midst of a digital age. This includes WiFi connectivity, voice-enabled commands, touch-screens, and smartphone assistants. You can now access your phone through apps like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but that's not all. You can customize your driving experience, look at vehicle diagnostics, and get car safety alerts.

In fact, the latest infotainment systems aren't just for playing music and streaming video calls. You can access all of the cameras on your vehicle as well for blind spot monitoring, parking assist, and so much more.

You can visit Ed Howard Mazda located in Sarasota, FL for more information and see the in-car entertainment systems yourself. Test the features, feel the safety when you drive, and check out your vehicle diagnostics at the same time. It's the best way to monitor your fuel efficiency.

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